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As the leading company in the social and solidarity economy in Saône-et-Loire, the French Mutuality of Saône-et-Loire promotes the values of solidarity, respect, support and trust.

    A dentist like any other?

    A professional driven by the right of access to care for all, throughout life.

    Dental care, prosthesis fitting, orthodontic care, periodontology or implantology, complete treatments to preserve your oral hygiene…

    Created by mutualist organizations, all mutualist dental health establishments are registered:

    • PNo surcharges on treatments listed in the nomenclature
    • PCommitment to controlled out-of-pocket expenses for other procedures
    • PThe third-party payment is practiced on the compulsory plan
    • PWaiver of charges for routine procedures such as prostheses or care thanks to the third-party payment system, depending on the agreements concluded with the mutual insurance companies

    Our dental treatments

    Aesthetic dentistry

    Regroups all the techniques allowing to have beautiful teeth.


    Bacterial infections that affect and destroy the tissues that surround and support the teeth.

    Dental prosthesis

    Dental prosthesis are used to replace missing teeth to ensure efficient chewing and facilitate digestion.


    Allows the replacement of teeth and the restoration of a certain well-being to patients suffering from the loss of one or more teeth

    Pediatric dentistry

    Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry is the part of dental surgery that deals with the dental care of children.

    Dental care

    It is important to see a dentist at least once a year for an oral check-up.

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    Our commitments

    The Mutualist Dental Health Establishments are committed to putting the patient at the heart of their concerns. They carry values aimed at optimal care of their patients.

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